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Volunteer for Project Literacy

  1. Project Literacy tutors are caring members of our community who provide an important service to adult learners. Our volunteer tutors are fluent in English and are willing to spend two hours a week with adult learners, most of whom are learning or improving their English communication skills.

    We ask tutors to make a one-year commitment (allowing for typical life circumstances). There is a 4-session, 9-hour pre-service training. We typically have trainings every 3 to 4 months.

    Please fill out and submit the following online Volunteer Application. Alternatively, you may print a paper application and drop off, mail, or email the completed application to:
    Project Literacy
    c/o Watertown Free Public Library
    123 Main Street
    Watertown, MA 02472

    Please direct any questions to Jacky Van Leeuwen, Coordinator of Volunteers, at 617-924-8797 or via email.
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