Learn the Laser Cutter

The laser cutter is temporarily out of order. We will update this page when it is back in service.

This is the required training to use the Hatch laser cutter. You will learn the basics of setting up a job, safety considerations, acceptable materials, and some troubleshooting. This is the first step in becoming an independent user of the machine. This workshop will not show you how to design a project; we offer other workshops to help with the design process. You must be 16 or older to be trained and use the laser cutter independently.

"Learn the Laser Cutter" appointments are one hour long on weekday evenings. Your first visit may not leave time to complete a personal project but you are welcome to bring files and materials with you. Appointments are for individuals or small groups up to four people. You may bring individuals under age 16 as part of your group but they will not receive their Laser Cutter Card which designates trained users of the machine.

"Learn the Laser Cutter" slideshow (via Google Slides)

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