Zine Month

February Is Zine Month at WFPL!

A zine (pronounced zeen) is a self-published pamphlet that is innovative in format and diverse in content. Zine authors self-publish small runs of their work to express themselves and share with others. Common topics include DIY, politics, music, poetry, fan fiction, humor, social justice, mental health, autobiography and more.

Though zines in some form have been around for centuries, the zines of today were born of the punk rock counterculture of the 70s and 80s and Riot Grrrl scene of the 90s. While they’ve never gone away, zines are experiencing a resurgence in popularity because of COVID.

Photograph of colorful paper zines spread on a table.

Activities and Events

Zine Roundtable | Monday, 2/8 | 7 PM | Online via Zoom
Get inspired and learn from local zine makers! Visit our event page to read zine maker bios and register.

Take and Make Kits for adults, teens, and children. These kits will include prompts, instructions on how to fold and staple your zine, colored markers and pencils, washi tape, glue sticks and other creative materials. 

  • For Children (0–Grade 5): Kits are available in the Children's Room.
  • For Teens (Grades 6–12): Complete this form to request a kit.
  • For Adults: Complete this form to request a kit.

Zine-Making Station at Hatch available by appointment.

Zine Exchange (More details to come!)

Zine Books and Displays at WFPL

Illustrated cover of a zine that says, "Try our Zine demo!"

How to Make a Zine

Ready to start creating? 

  • Download and print our Demo Zine as a guide! Featuring step-by-step instructions and cute kittens.
  • Watch the video below and follow along with Hatch Makerspace Assistant, Yi Bin.

Print/Copy Your Zine at WFPL

If you have designed a zine and you would like us to print multiple copies, please visit watertownlib.org/print and use the upload instructions we provided. Please include “ZINE” along with your first initial and last name no spaces. For example “ZINEjdoe”.

If you would like photocopies, bring your zine to the Teen or Reference Desk during February, Monday – Friday 9 AM – 5 PM, before folding or binding. We will make 10 copies for you (or 50 photocopy pages, whichever comes first).

Hand-drawn sketch of a cat using a copy machine.

Books about Zines and Zine Culture at WFPL

 Local Zine Libraries 

The Future of Zines at WFPL

If the community shows interest, we’ll develop a zine collection. If you want to see this happen, let us know! Sign up for our zine interest list at watertownlib.org/newsletter.