Take and Make

Thank you for participating! We cannot accept any more requests for project bags. We will let you know if you are on the waiting list and we will offer you a bag is someone doesn’t collect theirs by the time specified.

More Crafting Resources

Want some more inspiration? Check out the links below for easy projects you make with common household materials. 

Get Your Take and Make Bag

If you have already claimed a bag by signing up through the Take and Make webpage, we will contact you about how to pick up it up, whether it be curbside pickup, at the Library, or in the Teen Room. This will depend on social distancing requirements and the State’s phased reopening developments.

Let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at  libraryteendepartment@watertown-ma.gov

Project Schedule

At this time, all project bags have been claimed. Thank you for participating!

Bags include most of the items one needs to complete the project. For most of the projects there is a youtube video or other instructions to help you along.

Project #1: Perler Bead Craziness! - ALL PROJECT BAGS CLAIMED

Project #2:  DIY Clothespin Lamp - ALL PROJECT BAGS CLAIMED

Project #3: Make Your Own Potato Light Bulb - ALL PROJECT BAGS CLAIMED

Project #4: Creative Writing Starter Kit - ALL PROJECT BAGS CLAIMED

  • Bag Available the Week of July 20
  • Instructions will be in the bag

Project #5: Hogwarts House Pom Poms - ALL PROJECT BAGS CLAIMED


  • Bag Available the Week of August 3
  • Instruction video coming soon...

Share Your Creations

We would love it if you shared something you made! Please send a pic or send your creative writing submissions to libraryteendepartment@watertownlib.org.. If you are comfortable with it, we will feature your work on our website and social media channels.

Check out other Take and Make submissions in the gallery below!

Creative Writing Submission:            

            Well, I thought it was going to be a regular summer doing all our regular things but I couldn’t have been more wrong. 

            It all started on the last day of school. Rushing home, I remembered that my parents would be working later today so I would be able to play video games the rest of the afternoon. Smiling from ear to ear, I ran up the steps to the porch and felt for my keys. I stopped smiling. How could I forget my keys?! Now I was going to be stuck outside till 8:00 PM with nothing to do.

            Sitting down on the stairs, I scolded myself for being so forgetful. I could’ve sworn I remembered putting them in my bag. I checked one more time in my backpack when I heard a growl. Slowly looking up, I turned my head around trying to figure out where it came from. When I heard nothing more, I went back to looking for my keys. Then I heard a grunt. 

            “Hellooo, down here!” A high yet rough voice called out. I looked down and there was a garden gnome holding my home keys. Now that I think about it, it sounds really weird when I write it out but I swear it happened. 

            “Hey! Those are my keys,” I cried out bolting up. The little gnome wobbled towards a rabbit hole and as I raced down the stairs to chase it, I didn’t notice the tripwire that two gnomes held. Face-planting into the hard cement, they giggled and ran after their friend. They giggled when they saw my bruised cheek and I slowly got up.

            “This means war!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs to them. Across the street, I saw the neighbour’s blinds close. Who cares if they think I’m crazy, I had to go play Call of Duty while Ryan was still on! The gnomes didn’t seem rattled as I stomped towards them over the lawn. My foot raised to smash them, they smiled deviously and jumped up on their knobby little bodies. My foot went down and they fell on my foot. Hard. I yowled and jumped up and down as they went down the rabbit hole after their friend. Gritting my teeth, I crawled to it and without thinking stuck my hand right to the bottom of it. When I felt a hard and pointy edge, I pulled.

            Yanking the gnome out, I threw it against the ground and jumped on it once more. It cried for mercy but the durable ceramic crushed under my air force ones. It shattered and there was the extra key mom hid inside it in case of emergencies. Calmly, I brushed the dirt off my jacket, picked up the keys and pushed the broken gnome down the rabbit hole. 

            Maybe that isn’t what actually happened, but what an interesting way to start the wacky Summer I had ahead, right?

A person smiling behind a tall clothespin lamp in a living room setting.
A clothespin lamp with blue light in a dark room
Small Magic the Gathering icons created with colorful perler beads.