Teen Summer Program 2021

Banner with the text, "WFPL Teen Summer Program: for grades 6-12"

June 20 – August 14 | Grades 6-12 | Register Online or at the Teen Desk.

How It Works

Every week you’ll get to pick from three challenges related to a theme (you can do all three):

  • READ IT: You can read or listen to a book related to the theme. Audiobooks and graphic novels count, too.
  • WRITE IT: We’ll give you a writing prompt (or you can write whatever you want) related to the theme.
  • MAKE IT: Our friends at HATCH will be offering Zoom tutorials showing you how to make a different project every week. Or you can create something related to the theme all on your own.

For every challenge you complete, you can pick a book from our Book Vault (up to three per week) and you can collect one of our super special limited edition theme pins, a different design each week. Collect all the pins for a special prize!

When You've Completed a Challenge

  • READ IT: Fill out the review form on our site or come in to the Teen Room to fill out a short review form.
  • WRITE IT: Email us your story at libraryteendepartment@watertown-ma.gov. (Note: we cannot receive emails from your school email address, please use a different address). Or you can bring your story in to the Teen Room and we can make a copy to enjoy.
  • MAKE IT: Bring your creation in to the Teen Room to show us. Or email a picture to libraryteendepartment@watertown-ma.gov. (Note: we cannot receive emails from your school email address, please use a different address).
Four colorful pins in a row with the text, "Teen Summer Reading Program"

Week 1: IN REAL LIFE (June 20-26)

READ IT: Try reading biographies, memoirs, history, or non-fiction.

WRITE IT: Try these prompts:

  • What is your favorite memory?
  • How did you get your name and what does it mean? Do you like it? Why or why not?
  • Describe your perfect day

MAKE IT: Who You Are: Create a Mini Memoir

Who are you? What are you thinking about? What is important to you? Join Hatch staff on Wednesday, June 23 and create a Mini Journal. We will give you the supplies you need to personalize your journal and make it reflect who you are.

Week 2: ONCE UPON A TIME (June 27- July 3)

READ IT: Try reading fractured fairy tales, fantasy, or a book about time travel.

WRITE IT: Try these prompts:

  • A courageous soldier must resolve three riddles to defeat a creature…
  • You have been given a time machine and can travel to any point in the history of the Earth. Where will you travel and why?
  • Rewrite a fairy tale from the perspective of a different character. 

MAKE IT: Make Your Monster or Other Fantastical Creature

Make your own monster or other fantastical creature with the guidance of Hatch staff, Liz and Yi Bin on Wednesday, June 30. We will provide the supplies to help make your amazing creature.

Week 3: BLAST FROM THE PAST (July 4-10)

READ IT: Try reading historical fiction, non-fiction, or a book from your childhood/birth year.

WRITE IT: Try these prompts:

  • You must do a storytime for kids at the library. What three books from your past would you read to the kids and why?
  • If you lived 2000 years ago, which would have been the best to own: a horse, a cow, or a dozen chickens? Why?
  • You have to interview the Statue of Liberty.

MAKE IT: Design a Picture Frame and Put Your Past or Future in It

Looking for the perfect thing to hold a photo or a picture of a special object from your past? On Wednesday, July 7 join Hatch staff and design a picture frame. We will provide the supplies to help make something special to preserve your memory.

Week 4: OUT OF THIS WORLD (July 11-17)

READ IT: Try reading a space opera, science fiction, or a book set in an alternate universe.

WRITE IT: Try these prompts:

  • You accidentally fall asleep on a rocket ship that accidentally takes off. What happens next?
  • Your father brings home a robot butler. At first, it seems great. It cleans the house, makes you snacks, and helps with your schoolwork. Then, something goes terribly wrong…
  • You find a portal to another dimension in your laundry room. What adventures do you have in this new land?

MAKE IT: Experience 3D Printing

Have you had the chance to try out 3-D printing?  On Wednesday, July 14 we will get you started by showing you some design software to help bring your ideas into reality. When you come up with your final plan, Hatch will use their 3-D printers to produce your work. You will be able to pick up your finished product at Hatch at a future date.

Week 5: LOL (July 18-24)

READ IT: Try reading a funny book, a joke book, or a book written by a comedian.

WRITE IT: Try these prompts:

  • What is the funniest book, movie, or TV show you’ve ever enjoyed? What made it so funny?
  • What if your favorite joke came to life?
  • Write a short, funny story about the worst meal you’ve ever had.

MAKE IT: Make Your Own Whoopee Cushion

Who doesn’t love Whoopee Cushions? Probably your parents, right? Liz and Yi Bin will show you how to make your own Cushion with everyday materials on Wednesday, July 21. We will provide the supplies to make a big impression to those around you.

Week 6: APOCALYPSE NOW (July 25-31)

READ IT: Try reading a dystopian book or a book about survivalism.

WRITE IT: Try these prompts:

  • The zombie apocalypse is coming and you have room for 12 things in your backpack. What do you stow in there to keep yourself alive? Why?
  • Should you be more afraid of mutants or humans in the new apocalyptic world? Why?
  • Why has the government made sure no one can learn the history of UFOs?

MAKE IT: Make Your Own Talisman or Lucky Charm

You will need every tool to survive! On Wednesday, July 28 Hatch will help you make your own Talisman or Lucky Charm to give you an even better chance to make it through. We will be offering supply bags for this project.

Week 7: GOING GREEN (August 1-7)

READ IT: Try reading a book about ecology, vegetarianism, or a book about the natural world.

WRITE IT: Try these prompts:

  • If the Charles River overflowed and Watertown was 8 inches underwater, how would you adapt?
  • Imagine you are a new organism and could choose any kind of habitat to live in. Where would you live and why?
  • What is your favorite season and why?

MAKE IT: Create Your Own Microgreen Garden

Every little bit you do helps to save the planet. Have you ever tried microgreens? Hatch can help on Wednesday, August 4. We will give you all the supplies you need to create your own little garden.

Week 8: GOOD vs EVIL (August 8-14)

READ IT: Try reading a mystery or a book about duality/morality.

WRITE IT: Try these prompts:

  • You come home from a year long trip, but your family doesn’t pick you up from the airport as planned. When you finally arrive at your house, the house is empty…
  • The ship is sinking and there are not enough lifeboats to hold everyone. You have to decide who gets saved. How do you decide?
  • Have you ever taken something you weren’t supposed to?

MAKE IT: The Gray Zone

Light, dark. Good, Evil…what about in-between? Throughout the summer Hatch has shown you many techniques, had you work with many different types of materials. We are going to let you loose! We will give you a supply bag of seemingly unrelated things. Meet with Liz and Yi Bin on Wednesday, August 11 to share your ideas and creations.