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About Volunteering with WFPL

The Watertown Free Public Library Volunteer Program provides public service opportunities to members of our community. Volunteers provide valuable assistance on projects that may be otherwise neglected because of budgetary limitations. Volunteers generally provide support services to paid staff; work on special projects; or assist with the Library Building Committee Book Store. We will do our best to match applicants with a volunteer position. However, we cannot guarantee that all applicants will be selected to volunteer at the library.

Current Volunteering Opportunities

  1. Digitization Day Assistant
  2. Digitization Day Greeter
  3. Digitization Day Scanner
  4. Other 

Digitization Day Assistant 

The role of the assistant is to help members of the community with sharing and recording the story behind each photo contribution at a local history Digitization Day event. Assistants will guide contributors through forms related to their contributions, making sure that information is complete, accurate, and legible. Assistants should be friendly, patient, and detail-oriented. Interest in Watertown’s community history is suggested but not required. This position focuses on guiding contributors through paperwork, so no tech skills are required. 


  • Volunteers are required to complete a 2-hour training in January or early February and must commit to participating in at least three 3-hour events in 2022.

How to Apply

To apply for a volunteer position, please read our volunteer policy and submit the volunteer application. Volunteers age 18 and under will need to fill out a permission form.

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