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WFPL Concert Application

  1. If you are interested in offering a concert at the Watertown Free Public Library please complete the following form. Please note that completing this application does not guarantee that you will be booked for a concert at WFPL. We are not able to respond to all submissions, however we will keep your application on file for future opportunities.
  2. (If applicable)
  3. (Include instrument, length of program, ensemble size (if applicable), intended audience and musical style/s genre/s that you will play)
  4. We have a limited budget for musical entertainment and always welcome musicians who wish to share their talents with our community free of charge. All performers will be permitted to sell artist merchandise such as CDs: If you do charge a fee, please keep in mind we are a mid-sized library who provides free concerts for library patrons. Please also inform us how the fee may vary based on the size of the ensemble or length of the performance.
  5. Please note if there are any additional costs for travel, sound system rental etc.
  6. What days of the week could you offer this program?*
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  7. Music Sample (Required)
    [OPTION 1] Provide a link (or links) to no more than three audio or video samples of your music. [OPTION 2] Alternatively, you may choose to upload up to three .mp3 files below.
  8. Provide a link (or links) to audio or video recordings of your music. If you are linking to a website, please let us know which performance(s) or recording(s) you would like us to consider.
  9. Upload a .mp3 file of your music.
  10. Upload a .mp3 file of your music.
  11. Upload a .mp3 file of your music.
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