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Teens Teach Tech Application

  1. Share Your Tech Smarts and Earn Community Service Hours
    Teens Teach Tech is a new initiative at Hatch Makerspace by the Watertown Free Public Library (WFPL). In collaboration with local high school students, Hatch seeks to fill a generational gap in technology learning. Technologically proficient high schoolers can receive community service hours for teaching residents from local elder care facilities how to better use their phones, tablets, and computers. Are you a technologically savvy? Are you between the ages of 16-18 years old? If you can answer yes to both questions, you are welcome to apply to be a Tech Teacher. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis for the upcoming Teens Teach Tech workshop. Each Teens Teach Tech workshop will begin with a brief orientation for Tech Teachers. For questions about Teens Teach Tech, please email Hatch Coordinator, Liz at The next event is ______.
  2. (Watertown High School, home school, etc.)
  3. With which devices do you feel confident helping a non-user?
    Each individual will need specific help with their devices. We will try to match each Tech Teacher with an individual that they can help.
  4. Cell Phones: Apple IOS*
  5. Cell Phones: Google Android OS*
  6. Tablets: IOS or iPadOS*
  7. Tablets: Google Android OS*
  8. Computer Operating Systems*
  9. Computer Navigation*
  10. Home Assistant Devices*
  11. If applicable, please include an example of past teaching experience (maximum length 1000 characters).
  12. Due to limited space, not all Teacher applicants may be able participate. You will be contacted by the Hatch Coordinator to confirm your participation and provide event details.
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