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Hatch Youth Internship Application Form

  1. About

    Hatch internships are available to youth aged 16-19 who have not yet received their high school diploma or equivalent. An internship is an exciting way to learn all of the Hatch equipment and customer service skills in a safe, inclusive, and structured environment. Interns will help Hatch visitors with their projects, including giving tours, helping to find materials and equipment, and specific help with 3D printing, laser cutting, sewing, electronics, vinyl cutting, computers, and/or woodworking.

    Interns are expected to complete a one-hour orientation and be at Hatch for a total of 36 hours over 4-8 weeks. Interns will receive community service hours for their time at Hatch once they complete a final presentation. For their final presentation, interns will choose one technology area with which they are previously unfamiliar and create a final project that they will present to the Hatch community.

    Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Hatch cannot accept more than two interns at a time.

    Hatch also accepts interns through the Watertown Community Foundation (WCF) internship program. WCF internships are more time intensive and paid. To learn more, please contact Adrienne Eaton at the Watertown High School Guidance Office (

  2. With what making areas are you familiar?
  3. Sewing
  4. Knitting
  5. Crochet
  6. Laser Cutting
  7. Soldering
  8. Robotics
  9. Microcontrollers
  10. Computers
  11. Lego Mindstorms
  12. Arts & Crafts
  13. 3D Modeling
  14. 3D printing
  15. Vector Software
  16. Woodworking
  17. Jewelry Making
  18. Vinyl Cutting
  19. 3D Scanning
  20. Sewing
    Laser cutting
    Lego Mindstorms
    Arts & crafts
    3D modeling
    3D printing
    Vector software
    Jewelry making
    Vinyl cutting
    3D scanning

  21. 3000 character maximum. Approximately 500 words.

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