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Hatch Volunteer Interest Form

  1. We're excited that you want to volunteer at Hatch.
    Volunteering at the makerspace is infinitely rewarding. We hope you will take advantage of all Hatch has to offer and contribute your expertise to making our community a vibrant and innovative one.
  2. How often can you volunteer?*

    The ideal Hatch volunteers can commit to a regular shift whether it is on a weekly or monthly basis. If a structured schedule doesn't work for you, we'd be happy to have you join us on an as-available basis as long as you can help out a minimum of one 3 hour shift a month.

  3. When are you available to volunteer at Hatch? *

    We need three volunteers every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evening from 6pm-9pm. (A little earlier is okay, too!)

  4. What are your areas of expertise?*
  5. Are you over 18?*

    Volunteers must be 18 or older to volunteer without staff supervision.

  6. Once you submit the Volunteer Interest Form, the Hatch Coordinator will email you to set up a meeting to make sure our makerspace is the right fit for you!
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