How do I get started researching my family history?

The library offers free access to several online resources that normally charge a fee. You’ll find links to these resources, along with other helpful sources, on our genealogy page. When researching local ancestors, keep in mind that Watertown used to encompass areas that are now Weston, Waltham, Lincoln, Belmont, and Cambridge. It is possible that information you are seeking about former Watertown residents may be found through libraries and historical societies in those communities.

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1. How can I get assistance with my local history or genealogy research?
2. Where is the Local History Room located, and when can I visit?
3. What local history materials do you have?
4. Do you have vital records (births, deaths, and marriages) for Watertown?
5. Do you have yearbooks from Watertown High School?
6. What are some of the highlights of your collection?
7. How do I get started researching my house?
8. How do I get started researching my family history?
9. Do you accept donations of local history materials?
10. Where can I make a suggestion or give feedback on the library’s local history materials and services?