Nelly's Success Story

Project Literacy changed my life from the first moment I learned about it. The first time I came to the Watertown Library was because I like to read, so a very dear friend took me to get my library card to be able to get books in Spanish. It was then, when I saw a flyer about the PL free English classes. For me it was like seeing the light, because, back then although I was able to read in English, I was not able to talk and less understand when somebody talked to me. 

My boss was a very nice lady. She used to write notes for me, so I could understand her instructions. The problem was when she talked to me and worst if it was on the telephone. When I needed to inform her about an event, I had to write it down on a piece of paper first, before calling her, because just the idea of calling her made me very nervous. I misunderstood anyways, though, like the day she told me we had turkey for dinner. I thought she had said "charqui"(it means dry meat that we eat in my country) so I started looking for "charqui" but I couldn't find any, happily I found a note with the word "turkey" written on it and the date. Now I laugh about it, not back then.

I decided to apply to PL so I had an interview and got into the waiting list. I was so happy when they told me I could start taking classes. It was a wonderful experience, not only because I learned to speak and understand English, but I also learn about American Culture, how to solve some daily problems, how to do an interview for a new job, how to make a resume, etc. My life changed completely. It was not an easy process. It was not a quick process. But the teachers and staff were there supporting us always. How could I forget all of that?

Former student, Nelly