Take one more, please.

As a general rule I create the book displays in the adult department. I approach these displays much like I would when planning a menu for a dinner party.

My life with a certain boy wizard

With all the hype over the release of the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and the resurgence of Potter-mania, I find myself thinking a lot about how much that boy wizard has meant to me.

The Library: A Vacation Stop

People may think it's unusual to seek out libraries on vacation. But the beautiful architecture and history of some libraries make them a destination for tourists.

'Love, Loss and What We Ate' by Padma Lakshmi

If you know who Padma Lakshmi is, you probably think of her as the gorgeous host of Bravo’s food competition, Top Chef. Did you know that she was also a model, an actress, a fashion writer and a cookbook author?

The Inclusive Library

Watertown is a diverse community, and it can be difficult to be all things to all people. But we want to hear from you how we're doing.

Wishing Karen a Happy Retirement

After nearly forty-two years of dedicated service to the Watertown Free Public Library, Karen Robbins is retiring from her position in the Circulation Department.

Fun with Nonfiction

Sometimes, the best way to learn about a subject is not to force yourself to learn, but to find a way to enjoy it.

Looking Back After 30 Years

Announcing her retirement, Reference librarian Ellie talks about her 30 year experience at the WFPL.

Summer Reading for All!

Summer is the perfect time for reading. Picture yourself engrossed in a novel while swinging in a hammock in the shade, or flipping through a magazine on a beach chair in the sun.

The Library and the Farmers Market

It's not a secret that I adore the Watertown Farmers Market, so it's truly a joy to represent the library at the market.