Happy National Lucky Penny Day!

The year is full of fun, obscure, sometimes bizarre and often unusual celebrations, each with its own day or sometimes week.

'Wicked Pissed' and Four Famous Feuds

The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and spring is in the air! So naturally our thoughts turn to … feuds!

A Solar Phone Charging Bench at the Library

In addition to being a resource for people looking to create things, Hatch has also had the longstanding goal of identifying and creating things to help out the community as a whole.

Watertown, The "Mother Town"

Watertown is one of the oldest towns in New England.

Preschool STEM: Science can be adorable

You may have heard teachers or librarians talk about pre-reading skills, but did you know that children need to develop pre-science skills too?

Can You Match the Famous Quote to the Correct Title?

Some days on the reference desk feel like a trivia game and some a guessing game.

The Future of Libraries is Something to Look Forward To!

There has long been an assumption (or fear) that with the digital movement libraries would become obsolete. However, libraries have proven to be very adaptable.

Meditation: Younger, Thinner, Healthier, and More

Meditating is very good for you, with benefits ranging from a more peaceful mind to managing your health.

Listen While You Work

Audiobooks are currently the fastest growing book market in the US, clear evidence that more and more people are discovering the joy of listening.