Muslim Teens

Does my Head Look Big in This?
Randa Abdel-Fattah

Amal is sixteen years old when she decides to wear the hijab full-time, but she must deal with opinions about it from everyone in her life.

She Wore Red Trainers
Na’ima B. Robert

Ali must adjust to a new life when his mother passes away. Amirah’s mother has been in a series of unhappy marriages, and Amirah swears she will never marry. When these two teens meet, they must both deal with issues of faith, loss, and love.

I Love I Hate I Miss My Sister
Amélie Sarn

Sohane and Djelila are sisters, but they have nothing in common. Sohane is becoming more religious, while Djelila is spending more and more time partying with her friends. As their lives head in different directions, Sohane and Djelila both struggle to fit into their community.

Written in the Stars
Aisha Saeed

Naila’s conservative parents have always allowed her to choose her own path: what to wear, what to study, and how to live. They just have one condition: they will choose her husband.

Allen Stratton

Fifteen year old Sami is thrust into the national spotlight when his father is accused of terrorism. He must help to clear his father’s name before time runs out. 

The Complete Persepolis
Marjane Satarapi

This graphic memoir chronicles Marjane’s childhood in Iran during the Islamic Revolution, which led to strict laws and violent warfare. 

Ten Things I Hate About Me
Randa Abdel-Fattah

Jamie does not want to be seen as a stereotypical Muslim girl, but it’s hard to hide her strict father’s rules from her friends.

If You Could Be Mine
Sara Farizan

Sahar and Nasrin, two seventeen-year-old girls growing up in Iran, have been in love since they were children. But when Nasrin’s parents arrange for her to be married, their lives threaten to unravel.

The Girl Who Fell to Earth
Sophia Al-Maria

Sophia grew up with her mother in Washington, but now she is going to stay with her father’s nomadic family in Qatar. She must deal with being a part of two very different cultures.

Ms. Marvel Vol. 1: No Normal
G. Willow Wilson

In the first-ever comic book series about a Muslim hero, Kamala Khan must balance being a teenager with harnessing her newfound superpowers.