May '05

Looking from the parking lot toward Main Street, you can see the line of footings for the columns that will support the new construction.

The contractor is building a ramp over the foundation so that equipment can get into the site from the parking lot. There is also a ramp at the Main Street side.

The ramp that is going to be inside the building from the front entrance is starting to take shape!

Supervisor of Children's Services, Elaine Garnache, is modeling our latest fundraiser! It's a wristband that says WFPL BUILD IT! They were available at the Philips School locations for $3 each or 2 for $5. All the funds collected went to the new building!

The workers are building the home for the new elevator!

A closeup view of the elevator pit.

The interior ramp is really starting to take shape. We are looking toward Main Street. You can also see at the far right that the connection has been made between the old and new construction.

Completing the foundation. The contractor started on the Main Street side and has worked toward the parking lot and now back around to the exisiting building. To the left is Thaxter Street.

And the circuit is complete - the foundation is now against the old building where the stack wing used to be!