Dec '05

An important component of the new building - the main stair is being installed.

A view from the second floor of the main stair installation.

The windows are being replaced in the old building - what a difference the new windows make to the natural light in the room. Of course it also helps that the window air conditioners are gone.

A view of the new slate over the skylight.

A great closeup of the slate roof work. This sloped roof can be seen from the parking lot.

Under the tarps you see from the streets, the masons are beginning to install the precast stone which will form the feature wall. The brick has been installed on the Main Street facing wall already - that's being cleaned. The tarps are up so that the area plus the bricks and mortar can be heated. Brick cannot be laid in very cold weather.

This is a view from the Hunnewell Room into the new construction. You are looking into the future Trustees meeting room.

The windows have been installed in the upstairs meeting room. Here you see the view of the public safety buildings next door.

The sheetrock has been delivered and is being throughout the building. The walls will be going up soon!

Good news for computer users - the data wiring installation is going well.