Meet the Skill Mentors

skill mentor

Janet Buck – Volunteer Coordinator

Janet is a registered architect, with a Certificate in Design Education. She is very interested in the design process and how it applies to a wide cross section of disciplines. Interests include working with tools, facilitating projects and teams and connecting with the community. She sees HATCH as a community resource that has something for everyone.

skill mentor

Beth Lloyd

Beth is a school based occupational therapist, so making and creating are part of her professional life as well as personal endeavors. She has always been curious about how things are made, so she dabbled in all sorts of crafts. After spending a year in Chicago visiting the maker lab at the Chicago Public Library and volunteering in the Fab Lab at the Museum of Science and Industry, she has acquired basic skills in 2D and 3D design, laser cutting, 3D printing, vinyl cutting and even felt ball making! She can help with entry level projects in all these areas. Even if she lacks experience in something, she is willing to help tackle it by finding the right people or resources. That's what the makerspace is all about.

Minxian He Falender

Minxian graduated as an Electrical Engineering Masters student. She likes creative projects, such as Rube Goldberg machines, craft design, toy design and robot design. She can help with learning 3-D modeling, 3-D printing, electrical circuit concepts and soldering. She also speaks both Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese.

Chris Ernenweinskill mentor

A man of many talents, Chris can help you with coding, Arduino, building with wood and cardboard, making chain mail and many other surprising skills.

skill mentorSteve Small

Steve is a software developer and I.T. guru with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. His interests are varied in all things technology, such as Java development, Linux system administration, Arduino programming, 3D Printing, PC gaming, and home automation. He is available at HATCH to lend his experience to new and seasoned makers alike, and to support infrastructure and technical projects in the HATCH space.

skill mentor

Ben Roney

Ben is skilled in electronics, software engineering, computer simulation, music production and urban horticulture. When he's not creating new musical gadgets, he's breeding new chili pepper varieties.

skill mentor

Ross Nanopoulos

Ask Ross how to start developing your own application or website, and how to contribute to open source projects! He can also help you get set up with littleBits and simple knitting projects.

skill mentor

Adam Green

Adam is a skill mentor for 3D Modeling and Printing. He also works with wood and craft materials. Adam loves new ideas and a challenge.

skill mentor

Cassandra Phillips-Sears

Cassandra enjoys sewing, photography, electronic music, wearable electronics, website design, and origami. They are trying to learn more about 3D printing and would be happy to help with your sewing, origami, or other projects. Cassandra is part of the HATCH social media team and also speaks Russian!

skill mentor

Jordan Bonner

Jordan is experienced with electronics, soldering, and microcontrollers and he enjoys solving Rubik's cubes during his spare time.

skill mentorPaige Martin

Paige is an artist and maker with a background in visual arts and bookbinding. She is interested in combining physical and digital arts, and can help with filmmaking, printmaking, bookbinding, visual arts, web design, graphic design and writing projects. Paige currently works as a Content Producer and Assistant editor on a suite of publications and videos about mixed-media art.

Missy Shay

Missy is a retired Occupational Therapist who worked both in hospitals and school systems. She learned to sew as a child from her mother who was self taught. In the past she has made clothing for myself, herself, her kids, her grandkids, and even made her daughter's wedding veil. She works part time at Cambridge Quilt shop and teaches quilting classes there. She is involved in 2 quilt guilds, and a small sewing group. She makes all sizes of quilts, table runners, bags, aprons to name a few items.

skill mentorCaitlin Browne-Assistant Director of the WFPL

Caitlin is a librarian who’s been connecting the people of Watertown to the library since 2007. She is a maker at heart and believes that bringing the maker movement to Watertown is an important part of moving library services, education, and economic development into the future. You can find her at her desk at the library most days and at HATCH on Sundays working on projects from 3D modeling to crocheting baby blankets for nieces and nephews yet to be born.

skill mentorEmily Glaser
Emily is an artist and writer who grew up drawing, sewing, crocheting, reading, and taking apart gadgets. While pursuing a Master of Liberal Studies in Arts Administration she worked at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, assisting photography curators with exhibition and event planning. In 2011 she moved to Massachusetts and coordinated online communications, graphic design, and development outreach for Orion Magazine in the Berkshires. She currently works for an independent filmmaker, serves on the Board of Directors for the art journal Big Red & Shiny, and advises the nonprofit Boston Makers with outreach, branding, and internal communications. In her spare time, Emily has volunteered with Amnesty International and is learning to design with open source software.