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WOOL by Hugh Howey

You have stunned us with your overwhelming response to WOOL!   We currently have 137 copies circulating, and none of them are ever here.  Your enthusiastic response has left us with an embarrassingly empty display – but we love what it represents:  a community truly coming together for a shared reading experience!

If you haven’t gotten a copy of WOOL yet, stop by or give us a call and we’ll get you onto the waiting list.  Books come back every day, so the list is moving very quickly.   Get it now -- we want to be sure you’ve had time to read it before the festivities begin in September!!   Mark your calendars:  Hugh Howey will be here Sept 20-21st to spend some time with us.

In addition to Hugh Howey’s WOOL, we have quite a number of his other books circulating, too, and you’ve been snatching those up, as well!   Here’s a brief guide to some of those titles, in case you’d like to read more:

  • Shift Trilogy is the prequel to WOOL.  Find out how it all began.  This August, Hugh will release Dust, which will complete the saga.  (at least as far as he’s concerned; many other authors are writing “fan fiction” that takes place in the world he’s created!)
  • The Molly Fyde books are YA Science Fiction – a rollicking space opera, and Hugh’s first published works.  The first book in the series is Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue.
  • If you like dark themes and have a very strong stomach, give I, Zombie a try.  It’s a zombie story told from the perspective of the zombies:  poor, shuffling souls who remember their lives as humans and are repulsed by their zombie behavior, but are animated by drives they cannot control.  It’s heartbreaking and brutal, but beautifully written.
  • Half Way Home is another YA Science Fiction title, and an absolute favorite among Howey’s fans.   Don’t let the YA designation scare you away – adults love this book, too!
  • The Hurricane is a compelling tale of a teen coming to terms with his life as a massive storm flattens his community.




I'm a great fan of eBooks (never leave home without them!) and I'd love to read Wool online, as it was originally published. But the Minuteman system doesn't seem to offer it, or parts of it, or anything! Is there anything we can do to get the eBook version as well as the paper one?

Hi Jane,

This is an ongoing problem with self-published eBooks: there's currently no viable way for libraries to own them or make them available! It's something the industry will need to come to terms with soon, and we are hoping to push that conversation forward.

For now, though, the generous author of WOOL has agreed to make the e-book version of WOOL available to our patrons AT NO CHARGE, in order to support this community read. How wonderful is that? We're working on getting the files set so that they may be downloaded.

In the meantime, if you will email us at and let me know what file type you prefer (.epub, .mobi, or .pdf), I can send you back the appropriate one for your device. Thanks for writing in!

For those of you who've been unable to get a print copy of the book, we just got another 25 copies in, so come on down!!

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