Exciting and Interesting Science Books!

Our library is extremely fortunate to be well funded. What this means for the librarians that are responsible for collection development is that we are able to buy lots of amazing books. We look everywhere to find the best materials: reviews, purchase alerts, suggestions, and sometimes we just go fishing for the best books on subjects we see a need to develop in our collection.

In Adult, each librarian has a section of the library she is responsible for, one of mine is the 500s, which can be boiled down to science and math. In school I was never a math or science buff. Though, I really did enjoy chemistry because my teacher let us mix chemicals that made the science wing smell vile. Oh the stench of rotten eggs to an eleventh grader! However, I have to say that ordering science books has given me a new appreciation for the subject.

What a Plant Knows by Daniel Chamovitz

These books aren’t your school textbook type of science, they are exciting and interesting. They are written by people who are passionate about a subject and want to share their knowledge with the world. Unfortunately, they are not highly sought-after and are sometimes forgotten once they leave the new book collection. I’d like to give some recent purchases a little nudge, put them into the light if you will. Though I haven’t had the opportunity to read many of them, I do hope you will pick one up and enjoy it.




I really like The Series of Unfortunate Events, but a lot of people in my class thought it was boring. Does anyone know some books that are as interesting as The Series of Unfortunate Events like The Tail of Emily Windsnap.

Hi Becky! If you like a Series of Unfortunate Events or the Tail of Emily Windsnap, you might be interested in The Books of Elsewhere by Jacqueline West, or the Children of the Red King series by Jenny Nimmo. If you stop in the Children's Room, I am happy to help you find a series that you're interested in.
Thanks! Emily Miranda, Supervisor of Children's Services

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