The Welcoming House: The Art of Living Graciously

The Welcoming House

This new book by Jane Schwab and Cindy Smith caught my eye, as with the holidays approaching, we tend to think of the home and entertaining family and guests.  Each sumptuous room in The Welcoming House is illustrative of style, beauty and comfort--enhanced by either a floral arrangement or small bouquet. It may be good to drool a bit over these fantastically-decorated interiors and see the ideal.     

What may be more practical, however, for most of us, may be found in a book that I like to pick up called, 10-Minute Decorating by Susan Ure.   Photographs in this book are on a smaller scale that may show a grouping of small picture frames with a larger frame to the left, or some ways to hang hats and scarves against a wall.  Advice is given such as:  “A piece of woven yardage picked up on recent travels had the same color scheme that is in the kitchen.  The yardage was not wide enough for a tablecloth, so a table runner was the next choice.  The fruit-patterned dishes make a lovely yet casual table arrangement.” (p. 45).  Whether one lives in a few rooms or a larger home, ways of making the area inviting call for creativity, yet it is ultimately rewarding to those living there as well as to guests. 

Written by Reference Librarian Ellie.


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