This tool might save your sanity …

Computers come with many tools, but aside from copy and paste the most useful tool I have come across is the Snipping Tool (or Grab for Macs).  This little tool will help you prove to IT that you’ve entered a form as instructed, it will let you keep track of steps for future reference and mostly importantly it will allow you to print just about anything in a pinch.

In Windows 7 the snipping tool lives under the Start menu > All Programs > Accessories > Snipping Tool.  We find it so handy here at the library that we’ve loaded it onto the library’s public PC desktops.  On Macs, Grab is located in Go > Utilities > Grab.  Finder will also locate it for you.

Snips are custom screen shots, which is why they’re so cool!  To use it, open Snipping Tool, click new and drag the red rectangle over the area you wish to copy.  Your snip will open in a separate window.  From here you can copy it, save it or email it (if you are using your personal computer).  Having PDF issues?  Try copying your snip into Word or Pages. You can also make simple notations (draw arrows, circle buttons etc.).  If you save the snip as a .jpg you can print it and open it in editing applications.  Snips are great for training too!

Here’s a bonus tip for Apple iOS users:  if you want to take a screenshot (picture of your screen) then push and hold the Home button and quickly click your power button.  Your screenshot will automatically be added to your photo stream.  Want to capture an image?  Often if you tap and hold an image it will give you the ability to copy or save an image.

Happy snipping!



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