Take a chance on new authors!

We all get in reading ruts sometimes, even librarians. We stick with authors we know, ones we are comfortable with, ones we feel won’t let us down. I have my authors, ones that I read no matter what the subject is because I know it’s going to be a great book. These include: Chris Bojahalian, Geraldine Brooks, Ian McEwan, Ann Patchett and Lisa See.

As a librarian, part of my job is to read book reviews—lots of them—and evaluate what the library should purchase for our collection. What excites me most is finding a first-time author, one that’s crossing their fingers, hoping that this book will allow them to make a career in writing. You might think that there are tons of new authors out there; in reality, there are far fewer than you might think, and fewer still that have written something that excites the reviewers.

If you are finding yourself in a reading rut, or just want to read a new author, take a look at these recent and soon to be published highlights:










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