Storm Ahead

Due to the the storm predictions for this Tuesday, we are postponing our Taste of Ghana and Race in Our Community Panel Discussion event until Wednesday, April 5th. 

As library staff hold our breath, waiting to hear about the storm predicted for Tuesday, it got me thinking about other “freak” storms and natural disasters.

Do you remember the April Fool’s Blizzard in 1997? I had just moved to the Boston from the Chicago area with some friends from Michigan. We were no strangers to snow, but this storm took everyone by surprise. As 20-somethings with a day off from work, we decided to take a walk, which ended up with us deciding to jump into the huge snowdrifts. A less fun storm was a few years ago on my 40th birthday. Unbeknownst to me, my husband had planned an elaborate murder mystery surprise party, which had to be canceled. Luckily he was able to reschedule it (also without my knowledge), and it went off smoothly even though there was another storm that day!

Of course, there are many storms which cause massive devastation, not just the cancelation of an anticipated event. Blizzards, hurricanes and tornados are just a few of the havoc-wreaking events that aren’t just huge news stories; they also spawn books and movies. So, you and the kids can hunker down in the possible snowstorm with a few of these.

Some disasters aren’t as natural as others:

And mostly because of the title, but just in case you want to wallow in others’ misery:


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