Step into Their Shoes

For week #6 (July 28 – August 3), we invite you to Step Into Their Shoes”.  This challenge deals with reading about people from the past as well as the present, to learn about their background, challenges and achievements.  I am currently listening to an audio book, Thomas Jefferson : The Art of Power by Jon Meacham.  Listening to this book, expertly narrated by Edward Herrman, I am greatly impressed by the abilities and thinking of Thomas Jefferson.  If you’ve ever wondered about the difficulties that the young nation faced following the Revolutionary War, including Alexander Hamilton’s plan to set up a national treasury with lots of paper money, read or listen to this well-researched book.  Another book that is  impressive and well researched is My Wars are Laid Away in Books: the life of Emily Dickinson by Alfred Habegger.  These tities (click here for the list) and other biographies that you may discover are an excellent way to gain an understanding of not only the person, but usually of the time period in which he or she lived, which is a good way to learn a little history on the side.

The program associated with “Step Into Their Shoes” will be a presentation on Tuesday, July 29, at 2:30 p.m. in the WSB meeting room, by Jan Turnquist portraying Louisa May Alcott.

Do stop in on Thursday, July 31 at 1:00 p.m. for a book talk in the Mastrangelo Room to find out what biographies others have read and/or what surprised this reader about those biographies that she has read.

Please remember to fill out the back of our Summer Reading bookmarks to tell us about each book you read.  These bookmarks will be used as reader recommendations for other patrons, and will be tallied up to generate a donation to the Watertown Food Pantry (thanks to the generosity of the WFPL Building Committee!) at the end of our Summer Reading program.
Written by Reference Librarian Ellie 7/21/14.


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