Scientific Notation: Embrace Your Inner Scientist!

Our Adult Summer Reading program is off to a great start, and we're pleased to see people joining the fun!  

These days, there is so much emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning for children, that I find myself wondering:  what about us grown ups?   How many of us secretly loved science but were too intimidated to pursue it?   Or were you turned off by science as a child and closed your eyes to it entirely?   Maybe it's time to try again.  Guess what?  It's never too late to learn!   Join us as we release our inner scientists – let's get scientific together!

For Week #4 (July 14-20), your challenge is to read a book that deals with science.   This can certainly be a non-fiction book of “hard science,” or it can be a wonderfully diverting novel that incorporates science (think Jurassic Park).   A short bibliography of suggested titles can be found here, but we always welcome you to read anything you'd like that fits into the week's theme.  

On Thursday, July 17th we'll have a book talk at 1:00 PM to talk about some of the books we've read, and try to make sense of the science.  I'd love to know if you found your book(s) challenging, exciting, confusing, or inspiring.   I read a fascinating science book this week that I can't wait to share with you, and I hope you'll tell me all about what you read, as well!

On Saturday, July 19th at 10 AM, we welcome The Museum of Science for SUPER COLD SCIENCE.   This is an all-ages program exploring the effects of deep freeze on various materials and elements in our world, but the MOS team will tailor it specifically for a mostly-adult audience.   If you know a child who might like to come, too, they are welcome, but we really want YOU, our grown-up patrons, to experience the joy of scientific discovery with us!   This program is open to all, and no registration is required.   Just come ready to open yourself up to the wonders of learning!

And please remember to fill out the back of our Summer Reading bookmarks to tell us about each book you read.  These bookmarks will be used as reader recommendations for other patrons, and will be tallied up to generate a donation to the Watertown Food Pantry (thanks to the generosity of the WFPL Building Committee!) at the end of our Summer Reading program.


Submitted by Reference Librarian Jill  July 7, 2014.

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