Requests throughout the Year!

At the reference desk we see certain cycles on the subjects people request. Around the winter holidays it’s cookbooks and craft books. In the fall it’s wedding planning and home energy efficiency tips. Summer, people ask for good beach/vacation reads. In the spring, inevitably people ask for gardening books.

There is also in increase in requests for fitness books and videos. Maybe it’s time to lace up those sneakers because it’s finally warm enough to run outside. Maybe it’s time to shed those extra pounds that were put on during the winter. Regardless of the reason, people are often surprised at the selection we have.

We try very hard to keep up with what people are interested in, what’s trending. For example, P90-X was getting a lot of attention a few years ago so we looked into it. As expensive as it was, we felt enough of our patrons were interested that we purchased a system. A similar example is yoga videos. It doesn’t seem to matter how many we purchase there is still a need for more.

If you are interested in fitness materials take a look in nonfiction 613. If you don’t see what you are looking for let us know, we will look into purchasing something for you.   


Written by Reference Librarian Aimee. 3/24/14


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