Reading Larger Print on the Screen and Otherwise

Some of us might want to increase the font size of the text on a computer screen.   If so, there are a few ways of ways of doing it.

  • For instant magnification, hold down the control key with your left index finger and with your right index finer use the scroll wheel on the mouse to enlarge the screen to the desired size.
  • If you would rather use magnification software instead, sign in to a public computer and get to the desktop.  Look for an icon that is labeled “Magnifier” and click to open it. Microsoft presents a magnifier tool bar.  Click on the gear symbol to select the degree of magnification that suits you and that will remain throughout the session.
  • Another method is to select “view” from the toolbar, scroll down to “zoom in” and click.  The screen will get progressively larger each time you repeat this process.
  • At the special services computer workstations, you can click on the ZOOMTEXT icon on the desktop.  By opening ZOOMTEXT you are able to select various magnification options.  Please note that the printer does not print in large type.

The Library has a Clearview Plus magnification system that is located beside the microfilm reader that enables you to magnify a sheet of paper, map or opened book.  It offers some color choices for background and text.  There are hand-held magnifiers including a battery-operated magnifier called the Compact Plus which can be obtained from the reference desk.

Large type books are on the bookshelves by the chairs and table in the nonfiction room.  Large type magazines include the Reader’s Digest and the New York Times Large Print Weekly.  The reference staff is happy to assist you.                                               


Written by Reference Librarian Ellie.


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