Read It Again Week: Summer Reading Challenge #1

Our Adult Summer Reading, “Read It Again” week will take place June 23rd - June 28th. I wanted to ease you into summer reading by encouraging you to revisit favorite books from your childhood. Why? … In order to remind you why you love reading in the first place.  I’ve selected some suggested titles, but everyone has their own favorites so please feel free to read your own and tell us about them!

I am a huge supporter of re-reading favorite books at different stages in your life, because I find it’s both an exercise in nostalgia as well as a time of introspection. You learn how you’ve changed.  Maybe a book has different meaning to you as an adult.  Maybe you’re struck now by the symbolism of a story, when you only used to care about the characters.  Your sympathies may have shifted.  You identify with characters differently.  There are things you just “get” more as an adult.

Re-reading a childhood book can also show how reading it in your youth may have influenced the person you are now. You might be able to trace back why certain stories and characters appeal to you as an adult; and also why you dislike them.   You might even recognize the root of some long-held values, beliefs or fears.

Finally, re-reading is an exercise in nostalgia.  You not only come home to beloved characters and places, but you also remember what it was like reading the book for the first time.  Maybe you remember reading it aloud with family;  that you were so engrossed in the story you stayed up past your bedtime to finish it; or that you initially resented the book because it was required reading.

I encourage all of you to join us for our first Adult Summer Reading challenge.  Choose a book that means something to you, one you might appreciate more now, or even read a book you’ve always wanted to try.  On Thursday, June 26th at 1 PM I’ll be holding a book talk to discuss the Read It Again suggested titles, my own re-reading experience and we’ll learn what everyone else read.  To close out the week on Saturday, June 28th at 2 PM we’ll hold a film screening of the Academy Award nominated animated film, Ernest & Celestine.  This film is based on Gabrielle Vincent’s beloved children’s books of the same name.  The movie screening is free and all ages are welcome.

Happy Reading! You can view a list of suggested titles here.


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