Popular Scandinavian Authors

Ever since The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by the unfortunately late Steig Larsson hit the U.S., Scandinavian authors have been HOT. More and more of these crime novels are being released here, which I can only see as a really good thing. These aren’t the light and fluffy culinary mysteries (think Joanna Fluke) or the cornball mysteries (like the Stephanie Plum series) which I also love. Scandinavian books share a darker feeling, somewhat like British police procedurals or psychological thrillers, but have the added unfamiliarity of place and pronunciation. And many of them are just written really well. Take a trip to these colder climes by trying authors such as the ones below. It may help to listen to a few of them on audio before reading them to get a feel for how names and places are pronounced.


Sara Blaedel—Louise Rick series
Camilla Lackberg—Patrik Hedstrom series
Henning Mankell—Kurt Wallander series
Arnaldur Indridason—Detective Erlendur series
Jo Nesbo—Harry Hole series
Lars Kepler—Detective Inspector Joona Linna series



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