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On June 1, the library unveiled its newest online resource, the powerful learning platform Lynda’s 5,000+ courses (with an average of 25 more added every week) can be accessed anytime, anywhere, by Watertown residents with a library card and PIN.

Some residents have already used through their schools, offices, or LinkedIn memberships, but those who haven’t might wonder what makes it special. After all, a quick search on YouTube for just about any skill, from boiling an egg to doing the foxtrot, is likely to bring up a video (or, in the case of the search term “build a website,” more than a million videos) of someone explaining how it’s done.

Here’s what distinguishes from other sources of online training:

  • Its trainers are top professionals in their fields, vetted for both content mastery and teaching ability.
  • Its self-paced courses are designed for use anytime, anywhere. Interrupted during a session? Bookmark a video or add courses to a playlist to revisit later.
  • All videos come with transcripts, and most with closed captioning, to make the video format accessible to those who learn best through text.
  • Many courses include exercise files for practice; in the case of web development courses, a built-in coding environment allows practice with real-time preview.
  • For every completed course, provides a certificate that learners can add to their portfolio, building a record of achievement to show to employers.

Not sure where to start?

If you have any questions about accessing and using — or if you just want to share what you are learning! — don’t hesitate to contact us.




In the intro above, you say you just need a library card and PIN to sign up. When I tried to sign up I got the option for an account that you pay for.
What's the procedure to sign up.
Tom Greene

Hi Tom! Please use the special access link located at If you still have any trouble, please contact the Reference department at 617.972.6436 or

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