The library is a place of mystery...

Physics on the Fringe

The library is a place of mystery…It all started about a year ago.   While walking through the stacks in the non-fiction room, I noticed a stack of three books lying flat at the end of a shelf, clearly out of place.   This is a fairly common occurrence.  Yet, as I picked them up to place them on a shelving cart, I noticed that they all were books from the 530 section of the Dewey Decimal System:  Physics.    What’s more, it suddenly clicked for me that I had been seeing Physics books left in odd places for some time.   I began to pay attention.

A couple of times per week, on average, we find three (occasionally four) physics books lying on their sides in some odd place in the collection.   Often, they’re in the Reference area.   Sometimes history, or poetry.   They move around, and it’s not the same three titles.   But they are always Physics books. 


Two weeks ago, it was these:

The Future of Spacetime                                 530.11 FUT
Was Einstein Right?  Putting General Relativity to the Test    530.11 WIL
The New Time Travelers:  A Journey to the Frontiers of Physics    530.11 TOO

Last week’s selection included:

Physics on the Fringe                        530.11 WER
The Grand Design                        530.14 HAW
Einstein’s Cosmos                        530.11 KAK

And this week, we have:

Trouble with Physics                        530.1 SMO
The Quantum Universe                        530.12 COX
E=mc2                                530.11 BOD

We don’t know the meaning of it.   We see no real consistency in the themes or hypotheses represented by the titles, but it’s possible we’re missing something!   If you are our “Physics Phantom”, or if you have a theory about what someone is trying to tell us, leave a comment and let us know!!   We’re intrigued!


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