It's Library Snapshot day!!!

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?   Each year, library staff members all over the state pause to snap pictures of the varied and wonderful activities taking place within the walls of their libraries.   The idea was developed by the American Library Association, and has been enthusiastically adopted by the Massachusetts Library System.

What do you do at the library?   I love walking around the WFPL, and seeing what everyone is up to.  On any given day, I might find toddlers attending story time, adults using the public computers or finding something to read, teens doing homework research or attending an after-school program, English language learners working with Project Literacy tutors to hone their English skills, families choosing movies together, people attending computer classes, book groups, knitting groups, and lots of folks just hanging out in our beautiful space.   It warms my heart to experience the rich diversity of Watertown, and realize how many different roles the library plays in the life of our community.  It inspires me every day.

During Snapshot Day, we create a stream of images that constitute a sort of “Day in the life of the WFPL.”   As we join libraries all over the state in this endeavor, what emerges is a portrait of public libraries in Massachusetts.   It’s fun and educational.

Stop by our photobooth in the lobby today, and add your image to our portrait.   We want to hear what you love best about the WFPL – and snap your picture for our photostream!


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