The Expats as a First Time Novel is First Rate!

Aimee’s entry about first-time novels leads me to tell about a first-time novel that I enjoyed reading this past summer:  The Expats, a spy thriller by Chris Pavone, who has previously published non-fiction.  The Expats is an ultra modern story about Kate Morgan, who has been working undercover for the CIA, and her husband Dexter, a systems security expert.  The couple, with their two school age sons, must quickly relocate to Luxembourg, when Dexter is offered a lucrative job there in bank security.  After much downloading of information, Kate finally feels that she is free of the Agency and can start life anew.

 Kate and Dexter become part of the Expat community of Americans who must orient themselves to a new lifestyle abroad.  Kate knows little about Dexter’s job or his banking client.  She is puzzled by his sudden trips away.  Kate’s own clandestine life, unknown to Dexter, had been under the guise of being a government researcher. When another American couple arrives, Kate discerns that they are not the people they say they are and fears that what they may reveal will put Kate and Dexter’s lives in jeopardy.  Whether in Luxembourg, the Alps, or London, this fast-paced novel transports the reader to these present-day locales while wondering how it will all end.

The Expats, as an eBook, has a waiting list to which you may add your request.



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