A Combination of My Two Favorite Things


If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you will know that I love mysteries. What you might not know is that I’m also an animal lover. My favorite breed is the Standard Poodle, and I happen to have one at home. Here’s Norah out for a hike:

You can imagine my excitement years ago when I discovered the Melanie Travis mystery series by Laurien Berenson, because it combines two of my favorite things. When the series begins, Melanie is a single mom whose aunt is a famous Standard Poodle breeder/handler in the New England dog show circuit. Aunt Peg is also famously pushy, so when she decides that Melanie and her son should take one of her Poodle puppies to raise and show, Melanie doesn’t have much choice. She soon becomes embroiled in murders that happen in and around the dog shows, with the usual quirky cast of characters expected in a cozy series.

After 2008, Berenson seemed to disappear from the face of the mystery scene, but just this summer, she reappeared with Gone with the woof, the 16th book in the series. It was great to reconnect with Melanie and her human and canine companions. I highly recommend this series to mystery and animal lovers, especially if you’re partial to Standard Poodles.

Following is the series, in order:
Melanie Travis
1. A Pedigree to Die For (1995)
2. Underdog (1996)
3. Dog Eat Dog (1996)
4. Hair of the Dog (1997)
5. Watchdog (1998)
6. Hush Puppy (1999)
7. Unleashed (2000)
8. Once Bitten (2001)
9. Hot Dog (2002)
10. Best in Show (2003)
11. Jingle Bell Bark (2004)
12. Raining Cats and Dogs (2005)
13. Chow Down (2006)
14. Hounded To Death (2007)
15. Doggie Day Care Murder (2008)
16. Gone With the Woof (2013)

Written by Reference Librarian Pauli.

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