Coffee Table Books for Summer Enjoyment

Remember the large coffee table books that would be put out on a living room coffee table to pick up and browse through and put down again for another day?  A coffee table book may be defined as (usually} an oversize book with attractive photographs that invite the browser to peruse its pages to inspire or provide enjoyment and may inform as well.

Here are a few coffee table books which might be of interest:

At Home in New England:  Royal Barry Wills Architects 1925 to Present by Richard Wills. (2013)  There are full- page photos of the exterior of 48 houses--some accompanied by an interior photo.

Jane Goodall: 50 Years at Gombe by Jane Goodall. (2010) Jane Goodall includes close-up photographs of chimpanzees she has studied throughout her five decades of research in Tanzania.

Where to go when : the Americas : North, Central, South America & the Caribbean / consultant editor, Joseph Rosendo. (2008) Touted as the ultimate planner for a vacation in the Americas, this book highlights the most spectacular places in these locations and the best times to visit them.

Favorite Design Challenges by Candace Olson. (2013) The leading designer lists interior challenges and provides photographs of room arrangements illustrating solutions.

Why not take home a coffee table book from the library to peruse at your leisure?  For your convenience large purple bags on a rack on the second floor may be borrowed for taking home your treasure.


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