The Browne House and Early Watertown

Ever wonder what life was like and what issues faced the residents of early Watertown in the mid to late 1600s in the relatively young colony of Massachusetts? Such wonderings occur to me when I drive past the Abraham Browne (or Brown as some spell it) house, the oldest house in Watertown, located at 562 Main Street in the west end of Watertown that was built by Capt. Abraham Browne around 1690. Crossroads on the Charles: A History of Watertown, Massachusetts by Maud deLeigh Hodges and edited by Sigrid R. Reddy, has on page 44 a photograph of how the house looked, on a larger lot of land, prior to restoration.

Roger Thompson writes in Divided We Stand:  Watertown, Massachusetts, 1630-1680, about aspects of life and conflicts over a wide variety of issues.


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