Borrowing ebooks just got a lot easier!

Welcome to the NEW (and much improved) digital library!  This week our ebook library got a major makeover.  The new motto is “See Book, Read Book.”  That’s how easy it can be!

If your ebook wishes are simple, so is your checkout.  Meaning: if you want to check out an ebook that’s currently available in our digital library, then all you need to do is select the desired book and select “Borrow” on the next page.  You’ve just checked out an ebook!  When you’ve checked out a title you get two choices: READ or Download.  READ allows you to instantly start reading on any device, tablet, smartphone or computer with an internet browser.  No need to pick formats or learn what a format is.  It just works!

If you’re slightly more tech savvy, the Download option is optimized for ereading devices like the basic Kindle or Nook.  And if you want to use your favorite free ereading apps, like Overdrive or Kindle, you can download to those too.

With the new look, you know at a glance if an ebook (or audiobook) is available.  The book cover tells you!  Simply look for the book or headphones symbol.  If it’s black it’s available to borrow.  If the icon is grey, that title is currently checked out and you need to place a hold.  Sound familiar?

Generally ebooks are like books in a physical library.  We buy a certain number of copies of an ebook title and when those copies are checked out you have to get on a waiting list.*

*We at the WFPL want our library patrons to get their requested ebooks quickly!  That’s why we enrolled in a special program that allows us to buy extra copies that are only available to OUR patrons.  That means that there are hidden copies of popular titles like Gone Girl and Defending Jacob that you can’t see unless you sign in with your Watertown library card. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO LOG IN FIRST :)

There are also Always Available titles in the network, which are self explanatory.  These titles include classics and travel books.

New to library ebooks?  Library ebooks are checked out with your library card number and password.  You can checkout ebook titles for up to 3 weeks.  When your time is up, the ebook is returned automatically.  Ebooks will never accrue fines!

Audiobook lovers don’t despair.  We have those too!

These are just some of the fun and easy things that you can do with our new digital library.  Happy reading!


Written by Reference Librarian Stephanie.


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