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February is National Library Lovers’ Month! While the month of February may be coming to a close, our love for libraries exists all year round. So it’s always a special treat to find books that feature libraries and the people who adore them as much as we do. And holy moly is there a superb selection of library-loving picture books! Here you’ll find just a handful: some true, some outlandish, and all wonderful.



The true story of Luis Soriana, a Columbian man who became a travelling librarian, bringing collection to local communities who have no access to books via his two burros. 
Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore
Inspired the Oscar-winning short film (which, fun fact, I wrote about in my library school application essay!), William Joyce’s soft, beautiful book shares the joy of finding the right book at the right time. 
Goin’ Someplace Special
Based on Patricia McKissack’s own childhood experiences in Nashville, Tennessee, this picture book tells the story of ‘Tricia Ann, who faces a variety of discrimination and prejudice on her first solo journey to the city’s public library--the one “Someplace Special” where everyone is welcome. 
How to Read a Story
Accompanied by Mark Siegel’s humorous illustrations, Kate Messner gives step by step instructions for reading a good story, including the excellent directions to “Find a Reading Buddy” and “Find a Cozy Reading Spot.”
The Incredible Book Eating Boy
The story of Henry, who “loved books. But not like you and I love books.” 
The Librarian of Basra
The true story of Alia Muhammad Baker, the librarian of Basra, Iraq, who independently rescued the majority of the city library’s collection from destruction as war comes to Basra. 
The Library
Told in rhyme, Sarah Stewart and David Small’s book features maybe the most relatable protagonist to bookavores everywhere (you can even tell by the cover): a girl who loves books more than anything else in the world. 
Library Lion
“One day, a lion came to the library. He walked right past the circulation desk and up into the stacks.”
Lola at the Library
Lola loves going to the library, where she returns and checks out books and attends story time. If you love this one, make sure to check out Lola Loves Stories and Lola Reads to Leo! 
Miss Moore Thought Otherwise
This picture book biography tells the story of Anne Carroll Moore, one of the first children’s librarians who revolutionized libraries into the child-friendly spaces we know and love today.
That Book Woman
Cal, illiterate and grumpy about the “Book Woman” who regularly delivers books via packhorse to his family’s Appalachian home, sees the “Book Woman” in a new light after she braves harsh weather to deliver stories to his family. 
Tomas and the Library Lady
Based on a true story, Tomas, the son of migrant farmers, finds refuge in the library, where a librarian offers him water, books, and many worlds to explore.. 

To find more books like these, stop by the children’s room and ask one of the librarians. Happy reading!



Great idea, I'll have to check these out, thanks for sharing!

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