A “novel” way to choose a book

Have you ever been accused of having a fear of commitment? Are you feeling the temptation to spill the beans or suffering from hay fever? Read a book!

Described as “an apothecary of literary solutions”, The Novel cure: from abandonment to zestlessness : 751 books to cure what ails you by Ella Berthoud and Susan Elderkin, can prescribe a book to help you with any predicament. The authors call themselves bibliotherapists and actually do prescribe books out of the School of Life in London.

Trapped by children? Read either The Millstone or Notes from an exhibition. Most ailments have a suggested title or two, with a thoughtful book review that ties in the cure. Like in any good reference book there is a “see also” citation at the end of each entry as well as several ten-best lists (the ten best novels to cheer you up is one), and indexes: reading ailment index, ten-best lists index, author index and a novel title index.

Even if you do not read any of the titles in The Novel Cure, pick it up for the amusement value and you might just learn something in the process.


Written by Reference Librarian Pauli.


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